7 Ways To Use Bullets Effectively In Shooting Fish Table Game Online

When participating in the online fish table game, players need to spend coins to buy bullets. That’s why you need to use your bullets in the most effective way possible. The following article will share with players one of the methods to use bullets to both save bullets and shoot the largest of fish as possible.

Choose the right bullet to kill many fish

In fish table games online, there are many different types of bullets. Depending on the function of each type, it can destroy many different fishes. That’s why players need to choose the right bullets to destroy more fish. If the player shoots individually, just use 2 coins of bullets and shoot continuously until the fish dies. However, for difficult targets, players should change direction to avoid wasting bullets.

If the player follows the strategy of shooting at the herd of about 4 to 5 children, they should use 4-cent bullets and aim to shoot in the middle of the herd, with each destroyed fish, the player can receive 5 coins for themselves. Players should only use 7 coins of bullets to shoot large fishes or have a large amount of coins in their account.

Shooting double bullets- Use bullets effectively in shooting fish table games

If players choose the right time to load and increase bullets, they can increase their chances of winning and earn a huge amount of coins. This is how to play by the method of increasing bullets from less to more.

For example, the first time you use 1 bullet to kill 1 fish, then after killing 10 fish you can increase your bullets to 2 or 3,… But, when you shoot 100 bullets, you will lose about 558 points, but the number of bonus points you bring back can be more than 1000 points.

Shooting fish when the fish has just come out of the table to save bullet

One of the experiences of playing fish shooting with players playing for a long time is to shoot fish when the fish has just left the table. This is considered the most effective way to play. However, players need to aim accurately to be able to destroy the target. This is applicable for small and medium fish. For larger fish, this method will not be effective.

Apply the strategy of shooting small fish

Most players when participating in a shooting fish table game focus on shooting big fish. Because they hope that they will gain more rewards. However, this is not an effective strategy, it only makes the player lose a lot of bullets without gaining any benefits. Instead, players can take advantage of the small angle of the shooter to be able to destroy many small fish at the same time. At the same time, players can also rotate the barrel to shoot continuously to increase efficiency.

Use bullets to shoot forwards and backwards

One of the more effective ways to use bullet tips for players is to shoot forward and backward. This method is suitable for shooting large fish. As follows:

Step 1: Load bullets and shoot continuously at the big fish.

Step 2: Shoot the big fish at a slower speed, about 3 to 5 bullets

Step 3: Increase the speed when the big fish shows signs of weakness.

Combine a variety of bullets when playing shooting fish

In the fish shooting game, there are many types of bullets with many different functions. To achieve the highest efficiency, players need to know how to combine bullets to be able to hunt the most fish and bring themselves more rewards. This method is applied by many professional players and brings unexpected results.

Know the rules of the game, how to calculate points and probability when shooting

Currently on the market there are many different types of fish table games with different regulations. Therefore, before participating in any game, players also need to carefully learn the rules of the game to be able to use bullets effectively and come up with reasonable tactics to improve your victory. One of the important information that players need to know is:

– Number of fish and number of coins

– Conversion rate when buying coins

– Time to kill fish.


How to calculate bullet points when participating in online fish table game

All fish shooting machines are scored through the number of bullets, which means that for each bullet fired if the fish is destroyed, you will recover the same number of bullets. Scoring is as follows:

– Types of normal fish: The number of points corresponds from 2 to 10 bullet points. Big fish like Rays will be 20 points and Sharks will be 30 points.

– Mermaid: Scoring will be based on color. Pink will correspond from 2 to 10 points, blue from 10 to 20 points, red from 10 to 30 points. With big fish, it will be from 50, 60, .. to 150 points respectively.

– Dragon fish will be the last to appear and is also the most dangerous type that will have a score of up to 200 points.

Above are 7 ways to use bullets effectively when participating in playing fish shooting game online real money. Hope the players can consult and come up with the right strategy for them to be able to win the highest. Let’s join the game today and experience it.

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