How To Win When Play Blackjack Double Exposure At Online Casino Singapore?

Blackjack Double Exposure is one of the latest Blackjack versions that is being loved by many players at the Gogbetsg. This game has the same rules as basic Blackjack and has an RTP rate of up to 98.80%. This means that you absolutely have a chance to get huge wins when participating in this game with only low stakes. Please refer to the article below to know more about Blackjack Double Exposure!

Blackjack Double Exposure Rules

The new version of Blackjack Double Exposure uses 5 standard decks of playing cards. Before starting the game, the player must place a bet. After the betting time has expired, the dealer will deal 2 face-up cards to each player in turn.

Your task is to calculate the score and choose the decisions to draw, stop the cards so that the total score of the cards in your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand and nearly 21 points. If you have a higher score, you will win and receive a 1:1 bonus. If you have a lower score, you lose your entire bet.

Blackjack Double Exposure has some basic Blackjack rules like split rules, double bets,… However, in this version there are no Tie, Insurance and Surrender rules.


  • Players will be allowed to draw cards until they decide to stop or make up.
  • For hands with a total of less than 16, the dealer must draw.
  • For hands with a total of 17 or more, the dealer stops.
  • If the dealer has a 17 soft hand, the dealer will draw.

How To Calculate The Score Of The Cards

  • Cards from 2 to 10 are counted according to the number shown on the card.
  • Cards J, Q, and K are counted as 10 points.
  • Card A is counted as 1 or 11 points. If there is any A card that is worth 11 points, it is called a soft hand.

Blackjack Rules

A card is called Blackjack if the player receives an A and a 10 card on the first hand.

  • If the player has a Blackjack hand, you will stop the hand and receive a 1:1 bonus.
  • If the dealer has Blackjack, all players without Blackjack will lose their bets.

Double Bet Rules

If the player’s first two cards total 9, 10, 11, the player can use a double bet. When using this bet, the player will have to double the bet and receive only 1 card.

Split Rules

  • If a player has two of the same cards, you can use the split method. In each hand, the player can only deal once.
  • In case there are different cards but the same score is 10, you will not be split.
  • For card A, you can draw only 1 more card for each A card dealt. In case you draw an additional card of value 10 after splitting, the result will not be counted as Blackjack but counted as 21 points.
  • After the cards are split, the player will double bet.


Above is a guide to playing Blackjack Double Exposure at the online casino singapore. Hopefully, with the information that Gogbetsg shares, you have a better understanding of the rules of the game, the rules of the game to quickly participate in betting and win big. Good luck!