To avoid unintended risks, and comply with the laws of, there are rules set before players want to register to play at the online website. Despite being an online game provider for everyone around the world, rejected those who registered to play when they were under 18 years old. Because under the age of majority, it is not possible to take responsibility for the behaviors itself. In addition, financial instability is also an issue

Underage Players (Under 18)

Before registering to participate in the site to be provided with a playing account, players need to produce documents proving their age, such as proof or driver’s license. In the process of confirming the age, that individual is allowed to play for 72 hours and no bet can be exchanged for money or any valuable prizes.

After 72 hours (maximum) if the customer is old enough to join will enter some basic personal information. If the person is under the age, the account registered for the past 72 hours of experience will be frozen.

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Playing:

Need to know yourself control:

  • Although this is a gaming site online betting, very convenient for players, can play anywhere and any time. However, players need to adjust the entertainment time reasonably for themselves. Playing games online saves time and travel costs, rather than letting players spend too much time on the game.
  • Play for the purpose of experience, entertainment, relaxation after the tired working hours and do not place heavy emphasis on bonuses when participating.
  • Do not lose control of yourself through the expression of losing as much as you want to play to remove the gauze, look at what limits your ability to pay and stop at the right time.
  • If there are children around you, you should use software or manage devices closely to prevent them from using the game.
  • Parental control:
  • Players can refer to the CYBERsitter app to limit adult sites from appearing during play.
  • In addition, is a site many parents use, children around them will not have to see inappropriate things when using this site.
  • Common problems when registering to play online games:
  •  Players have no control over their own behavior because they are so passionate about gambling, it’s important to win or lose.
  • Players continue to pour money into betting despite losing many times, with the thought of luck will come.
  • Passionate about gambling than working.
  • Bet but don’t think about yourself being unable to pay those amounts.
  • The quarrel was right on the betting table.

Things To Note About The Account Registered When Playing The Game At Gogbet Singapore

  • If the customer violates the rules of the website or creates illegal acts, the account will be excluded. During the period of exclusion, the customer cannot log in, place bets or have any other activity.
  • Complaints or questions of customers can be solved immediately when logging into the website and texting the system via chat box. The system will quickly resolve each customer in turn. Note, customer complaints need to specify personal information for the system to identify.
  • After being excluded, if customers want to continue participating, they must contact the service of the website.

In order to provide customers with the best professional and entertainment environment, always tries to improve every day, bringing the things that customers need most. In addition to the rules on the website, the system still keeps track of each player’s account, including the amount owned by that account holder. Moreover, all bet transactions whether win or lose are recorded transparently.