How To Play Domino QQ Game At Online Casino Singapore

Domino QQ is an attractive game that appears at many online casinos today, including Gogbetsg. Simple betting method, easy to join, just wagering 1 to 2 times to participate purely. Join Gogbetsg follow the article below about Domino QQ.

What Is Domino QQ?

Domino QQ is a variation of the poker game. Domino QQ has quite similar rules to poker, but the gameplay is much simpler. Therefore, new players can completely master in the first 2 to 2 times of playing.

Rules Of Playing Domino QQ Easy To Win 

Each Domino hand will have at least 2 to 6 people, each person will be dealt 3 tiles domino and begin the first challenge round. At the end of round 1, there will be 1 more tiles domino dealt. After having dealt 1 tiles domino, the player enters the 2nd challenge round.

When round 2 is over, all players who have not given up tiles domino need to compare tiles with each other; The member who combines the highest wins and wins the pool.

On average, there will be only 2 rounds of betting in a game, whoever has not given up will be allowed to participate in the challenge. Participants will be entitled to choose one of the following options when challenging to bet:

  • Check: Do not bet further and keep at current level.
  • Follow: If the bet increases then follow will appear for you to confirm.
  • Fold: You choose to lose and lose all previous results.
  • Increase bet: Increase the amount of the stake.
  • All Raise: Bet on all chips currently owned.
  • Maximum bet: raise the money to the highest level.

Instructions For playing Domino QQ At Gogbetsg

To participate in playing Domino QQ at Gogbetsg, players only need to take a few basic steps:

  • Step 1: Choose Domino QQ game

First log into your Gogbetsg betting account and select Domino QQ. There will be 2 versions here: trial and play for real money. If you join the game for the first time, you can try it out to see your ability before placing a bet with real money.

  • Step 2: Adjust the purchase amount

Before playing the player needs to adjust their preferred purchase amount. Depending on the amount of capital, different amounts can be spent, but the maximum will be $ 10. In order to be able to exchange money for purchase, a player needs to make a deposit to their game account.

In addition, before playing; Players can also get acquainted with the rules by reading the instructions and rules in the game.

  • Step 3: Wait for Domino to appear and place your bet

After seeing the tiles Domino appear, the player and others can proceed to place bets. Players can call, fold, check or raise when betting money. At each table there are usually 6 different bets; and for each winning bet, it will be immediately transferred to the player’s account. If you lose, everyone will lose your bet on that game and will move on to the next game within 5 seconds.


Domino QQ is a very interesting betting game, the ease of betting has attracted a lot of players to participate. If given the chance, the player should choose to bet on Domino QQ. The casino is guaranteed to bring you many unexpected experiences. In addition to offering betting, Gogbetsg has a lot of new knowledge about other betting games waiting for you to come and join !