Fish Catch Real Money by Realtime Gaming

Fish Catch is a game of the online fish table version, from the game publisher Realtime Gaming, now available at online casino. Compared to other online fish table versions on the market, Fish Catch has many advantages and appears in front of players with a new look. Surely any player who has ever experienced Fish Catch will feel better than ever!

What is Fish Catch?

Fish Catch is an online fish table game for those who want to become a hunter and get real money rewards. The game comes from the game publisher Real time Gaming, so players do not have to worry about the quality from the image to the content. Coming to Fish Catch, players can experience many different images, four seasons appear with unique footage, along with often extremely attractive parts.

When players join Fish Catch, they have to compete with other players. This means that the player who scores the most points in that session wins. The bonus points the player receives will be converted into real money and can be withdrawn to the player’s personal bank account. Although the way to participate in Fish Catch is similar to other online fish table versions, this game is not for everyone. Because players want to win, it is necessary to have skills, find out the mechanics of the game. Fish Catch is not a game that depends entirely on luck.

Graphic and sound design

Fish Catch is described quite realistically, the images of icons appear continuously in the game with extremely vivid 3D form. There are many creatures under the sea, both new and bright in the game. Realtime Gaming’s investment in graphics and sound has made Fish Catch more popular with players.

In Fish Catch, the features are mainly about shooting. Players need to refer to the terrain, how to use weapons to understand the layouts in the game. From there, players can go deep into the ocean, where many strange creatures hide with high value rewards. Another special thing that Fish Catch brings to players is the thrill and attraction from the sound of the bonus, the sound when the player manipulates the game.

Fish Catch still retains the pure advantages of online fish tables. Besides, the software engineers of Real time Gaming also upgraded other devices. In the game, there are up to 20 species of fish of different sizes and sizes for players to hunt. Depending on the cannon that the player chooses, the firepower and the skill that the player earns will have different coefficients.

How to play the Fish Catch?

The image of Fish Catch is extremely attractive, almost any player who has ever come to the Super777 can’t help but be curious and want to join the game immediately. Players can explore 4 different underwater environments, all of which are unique and give players an incredibly realistic feeling. On the seabed in Fish Catch, there is also light refraction, debris scattered around the area.

There are also images of shipwrecks, rock cover, moss and other seaweeds. Only the movement of fish in Fish Catch broke this still scene, making players become more awake and engaged in fishing more.

The design of Fish Catch has a calculation from color, sound to each movement, so players when participating will feel more focused. Players can choose the demo version to experience, learn how to use the guns and menus of the console, from which their fishing skills are also further upgraded.

The bonus level of the Fish Catch game is not fixed, because each player receives a reward based on their own ability to catch fish. If the player has little stake, does not have many outstanding skills, the player chooses the smallest fish to hunt. On the contrary, if the player is familiar with gun, bomb or laser manipulation, players do not hesitate to invest in big fish, because the payout will be extremely attractive. To ensure the game runs smoothly, players can apply levels from easy to difficult when participating in Fish Catch.

Tips to play the Fish Catch

  • Each type of fish has its own value

Since each fish has a different size and movement speed, players need to consider hunting them. Players remember that the bigger the fish, the more attractive the bonus points, but hunting is not easy, or vice versa.

  • Fish movement tracking

The process when joining Fish Catch for most players is to log into the game, load bullets, choose a bet level and then shoot bullets at the creatures they need. However, not every time the fish players want to hunt appear. The big and small creatures in the game appear randomly, sometimes they even hide behind rocks or moss. Players need to have patience, monitor the fish’s movements to know clearly about the specific situation.

  • Shoot with marbles

This strategy has been passed down from experienced players. After the player shoots the bullet and the bullet hits the wall, it will bounce back and can hit any fish. If the fish is dead or the death rate is high, the player can shoot a second bullet to successfully kill it, getting an easy reward. Players applying this method are sometimes a bit cumbersome, but the effect is extremely good!


Fish Catch is a game that brings feelings that not all online fish table versions can do. In the game there are many gambling features and players need to learn gradually to become more proficient. Hope the above information can help players, giving them a great experience!