How To Play American Roulette


How To Play American Roulette

American roulette is among most favorite online casino table games throughout the United States, Asia and UK casinos; it is also a pride and source of joy in our GogbetSG. With  more options to play, there are always possibilities to get more money to your bank account with American Roulette.

Basic rules of American Roulette

American Roulette wheel has 38 divisions with numbers from 1 to 36, a 0 and a 00. Numbers from 1 to 36 are alternatively colored in different colors depending on if it’s an odd or even. It is similar to European Roulette, except for the 00 opposite the 0 on the wheel.

Players start by picking their chip value and drag them into the position they want. You can select inside bets (numbers and combinations thereof), or outside bets (such as red/black, columns, 2 to 1, odds/evens, dozens).

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The objective of all players is to be able to predict where the ball will go into. The player win when the ball rolls into the number(s) that he make the odds. All 38 numbers are identically arranged on the wheel, therefore, the ball has an equal probability to settle in any number.

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American Roulette and European Roulette

American Roulette has several differences from European Roulette. For starters, one of the inside bets in this game is known as The Top Line bet, which includes the top 5 numbers on the deck 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The other bets are much the same as the other variants.

Note that American Roulette has different winning rate to European Roulette since there is an additional 00. The house edge in this game is 5.26% and player is 94.74%.


Payoffs for American Roulette winners

  • Straight Up Bets– 35:1
  • Split Bets– 17:1
  • Trio Bets– 11:1
  • Street Bets– 11:1
  • Corner Bets & Four Number Bets– 8:1
  • Top Line Bets– 6:1
  • Line Bets– 5:1
  • Dozen Bets & Column Bets– 2:1
  • Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High Bets– 1:1

If the winning number is 0 or 00, the outside bets mentioned above are halved and return to players.