What Is RTP? What Does RTP In Slot Game Mean?

What Is RTP

What Is RTP?

RTP is an acronym which stands for Return To Player. RTP is used to describe the percentage of stakes that players will receive back when playing slot games over a long period of time.

For example if a player wagered $ 50 on a slot machine with an RTP of 90%, player could get back $ 45 in wagering bonus. Note the advantages of bookmakers and RTP that are calculated in the long run. That means players who only participated in a few rounds of Slot games will not be able to conclude how much a specific RTP is. So if you bet on a short time, your chances of getting a profit are not high.

In other words, RTP is the downside of the bookmakers advantage. Usually at bookmakers a slot machine will have a 20% advantage, so the RTP would be 80%. That means over time the machine will keep about 20% of the total bet amount, and return only 80% to the winner.

The Algorithm Behind RTP

Based on tens of thousands of spins or more, it is possible to measure the RTP for online slots game. So the percentage RTP is correct in the long run. If any player intends to play a short-term game, it is up to them luck of encountering better payouts than the game’s RTP points. However players only need to join for a long time, the payouts will eventually balance.

How To Calculate RTP?

In order to calculate RTP a player needs to consider it in financial terms. For example, when a player participates in a Slot game with an RTP ratio of 93%. That is $ 100 players bet, they have the ability to get back $ 93 in the long run. Note a player should not win $ 93 for the $ 100 spent in their game session. Because RTP is charged on 100,000 revolutions or more.

  • Effects of RTP

Most of the volatility of Slot Games is indicated by numbers from high to low (one to ten). Players often win if the game slot has low volatility. However that means the payments will be much smaller.

High volatility slots will not pay out as often, but once paid the player will receive a large profit.

It is important that depending on each player’s choice, they prefer to chase the big jackpot or accumulate many small multipliers with multiple wins to choose low or high stats.

  • Bookmaker

The player should note how many games each bookmaker has selected by the player. The player’s deposit amount is automatically added to the game. Even if the slot game has the highest RTP, it costs 1 to 2% of the bet on the bookmaker.

  • Hit Frequency:

The publishers of the provided slot games and bookmakers are not responsible for the disclosure of the frequency of each Slot game other than its RTP. However, if the player notices, there are some revelations in the Slot Game Terms and Conditions.

The frequency of the winning position is based on the frequency of hits. Remember that this number is calculated on tens of thousands of revolutions exactly like the RTP percentage.

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When playing Slot games, players should care about RTP but it is not all. Slot games are also a game of luck and need a little extra skill. The first important thing is that players should choose for themselves a suitable game, then refer to the high or low RTP, then take advantage of their own chances of winning. Gogbetsg wishes you luck!