Applicability of these Terms and Conditions

The company will make terms for customers to reference if customers want to register to play on the company’s website. Once you understand and agree to these terms, customers simply click on the consent box and visit the website to open your account.

Customers who choose to accept the button will be bound by the rules set by the company. And the company reserves the right to amend those rules (conditions, terms and privacy rules). The customer side will be updated and notified whenever the rules are changed in many different ways.

In some cases for the convenience of players, the terms have been translated into many other languages, but English has always been the primary language. As mentioned above, the company will change a few terms to supplement and improve policies for both parties. Therefore, players should regularly access the terms to avoid unexpected things happening. Note: Once a player has accepted the changes to the terms they cannot be canceled. Bets that have not previously been settled will be dealt with according to the current terms.

Customer Representations

Customers participating in the game should be old enough, financially and self-control of their finances. And strictly comply with the terms set out by the company if clicked and the accept button.

There are places where there is currently disapproval of gambling on the ground and even online. So depending on where you live your customers need to make sure they don’t have unauthorized access to play.

Customers Need To Ensure That:

  • First, customers need to comply with the laws of the place where they live.
  • Selection of licensed betting companies.
  • The player itself does not represent any company and is not allowed to advertise the company without a written authorization

Customers Need To Ensure The Following For The Company:

  • Players may not provide personal accounts to anyone else.
  • When participating in the game, do not copy or modify the company’s software.
  • There must be no fraud when participating in betting.

The Company Will Take Strict Measures if It Finds That Customers Have Something Against The Original Rule: 

  • The services are disabled
  • Account is frozen
  • Bank accounts are subject to change.

 If you are having problems with betting or dealing with the company and have an error, please contact the customer service department of the company and deal with the following rules:

  • Accounts in the process of processing are not allowed to cancel or disclose to anyone else.
  • The winnings must be reported to the jurisdiction or jurisdiction.
  • If customers do not pay the tax as prescribed, the company is not responsible.

Account Information And Personal Information:

The company has many payment methods to deal with customers, except for those displayed on the website, there is another form of transaction called “authorized payment solution”. Authorizing others to conduct transactions requires a legal document.

  • Customers dealing with the company through individual accounts, each person is allowed to open an account.
  • Customers provide all basic personal information if they want to register as a member of the company.
  • The basic information customers provide to the company must be valid indefinitely. If there is any discrepancy in the information, the account will be frozen and the money in the bank will also be lost.
  • Each customer owns only one main account, the secondary account can be disabled at any time and the money in the secondary account is transferred to the main account.
  • Customers are provided by the company to the account and password when being an official member. Accounts are used for betting and money transactions, so they need to be kept secret from anyone else. If an account leaks information or there is an error, they must notify the customer service department immediately to be resolved immediately.
  • The company will not be responsible for any delay notification. The website displays easy ways to contact the company.
  • If there is a security problem, the company will ask customers to verify and change the password.
  • In order to increase security, the company will randomly check and customers need to comply with the requirements from the company.
  • If there is a problem in the bank account, the customer must contact the company immediately and notify nearby transactions. The company will not accept any responsibility if customers notify later after 30 days from the last day of the month of problems.
  • If the balance in the account is confirmed by the company, customers can withdraw money, the withdrawal method is clearly stated on the web.
  • If you want to cancel your account, you should request the company in writing. And access to the site is not allowed after an offer to cancel the account.
  • The time limit for a company to freeze an account is after 12 months when the customer does not use the account. The balance in the account is also revoked by the company and the customer has no right to appeal.

After Registering Online Customers Can Bet.

  • Bets are called successful when recorded by the company’s server in the customer’s betting area and accepted by the company.
  • Successful bets are confirmed by email to the customer.
  • Just a small problem bet will not succeed.
  • If the company or website has not confirmed, the customer can cancel the bet. And vice versa, when a confirmation message is synonymous with non-cancellable.
  • All customer transactions with the company are recorded as evidence if a conflict occurs.
  • The company may prohibit betting at any time without notice to customers.
  • The company is not responsible if customers experience problems such as equipment or network failures.
  • Except for the reason on the side of the company, all other reasons the company is not responsible.
  • A bet is considered void if it is out of date.
  • The amount in the account must be greater than the amount the customer wants to bet
  • The odds are published by the company at the site if there is a change. Although the odds vary, it is fixed at the time of placing.

The Company Conduct and Limitation of Liability:

  • The amount of money to be confirmed as a reward to the customer if in the course of fault handling will be returned to the company for settlement.
  • The Company reserves the right to place bets to correct errors if it is due to the customer.
  • In order to save and benefit customers, the company can reduce its website and other applications.

Use of The Website:

If a customer uses an account registered at the company to do illegal activities such as money laundering, fraud, or other acts, the account is immediately frozen and the money in that account is revoked. . All betting activities during that period were also withdrawn. The company will not be held liable for any unauthorized behavior of the account holder but will not provide information and trading activities to any agency.

General Rules and Specific Event Rules:

An online casino is an internet-based betting site and is licensed by the state, the site consists of many programs as well as files for customers to access.

These Customer Rules Are Not Allowed:

  • Do not use the software to provide another online or personal service.
  • The forms of transfer, lease, … need a clear written license.
  • The original software name should be kept, not copied.
  • Do not provide or copy electronic information.
  • Do not change any security features of the software.
  • Customers may only use but not own the software.
  • If the customer has signed up to use the company’s software, the customer is responsible for the software during use.
  • Customers need to strictly protect software vendor information and comply with all initial regulations.
  • Customers need to pay all amounts when using the software and if any violation occurs, they must compensate
  • If the winner has not been verified correctly the company will secure the account ID and save the bonus amount. The winner wishing to receive a reward must provide an ID similar to the ID the company holds.
  • The company will withdraw all accounts if the player intends to take advantage of the company’s incentives.
  • Bonuses received by the customer when winning will be settled by the 3rd party. Within the first 14 days of the next month the company will pay players. In case the 3rd party does not work in time, the customer accepts to protect the company against complaints or handling costs.

Promotional Terms and Conditions:

  • Players must be of age to reach maturity: 18 years
  • will organize many promotions with preferential prices for customers. Except for those customers suspected of not being eligible.
  • Each customer has only one account with a family information, email, phone number and bank. The number of rewards is limited for each account.
  • The approval of is required for the bonus to be transferred to any other account.
  • The final decision remains with if there is any dispute or complaint during the award process.
  • Relatives or employees of are not allowed to participate in the promotion.
  • The terms apply in the English version.