Effective Ways to Play “Xoc Dia” From Casino Master

Learn How To Hear The Sound Of “Xoc Dia” And Predict The Result

Players should remember that the outcome of “Xoc Dia” cannot be completely even or completely odd. In other words, these two outcomes can appear with a ratio of 50 – 50. This probability is not high, but the player cannot easily succeed either. And what makes the success of players is hearing the sound of “Xoc Dia” and making predictions.

Whether players participate in the traditional version of “Xoc Dia” or online, players can still hear the shake. Players should first start by counting the number of shakes. When the player listens many times, the player will predict whether the shaking force is strong or light, from which they can find the shake rule and decide to bet on the hands. This is one of the secrets of playing “Xoc Dia” for the players.

After a few bets, players can find out certain rules of the game. For example, if the result of the previous game is even, the Dealer will shake 3 times with a moderate speed, it will be odd. So players can apply this rule bet. Predictions are not difficult because bookies will usually use 1 coin, so guessing sounds is quite possible.

  • Flow Odd/Even Table To Guess The Result

This is a table showing the results of previous bets. Players can rely on the data displayed on this table to easily choose a hand for the next game. This is also a way that masters in the profession often apply when playing “Xoc Dia”.

In order to have an odd/even table to follow, players need many methods to participate, creating many bets. Then the player statistics the results of those bets to find the rules of the game. From there, the player predicts the outcome for the next bets.

  • Player chooses 1 hand betting and executes using Martingale

Martingale is a familiar way of playing that is applied in many online betting games. And in “Xoc Dia”, players can also apply this method. Thus, players will limit the loss of all capital after betting. This way of playing is highly appreciated by players because the effect is very fast:

  • The player chooses a hand to bet on. If players want to give results, they need to pay attention to the previous bets. For example, if a player sees even 2 consecutive games, the player should place an odd bet and after two consecutive odd times the player returns to the even bet.
  • Next, the player participates with a small amount, if he wins the bet, the player keeps this amount to join the next bet. If a player loses a bet, the next bet they have to bet is double the previous bet. So this betting rule will help players win high amounts, or at least they do not lose all of their bets.
  • However, this way of playing should only be applied to players with strong bets. If the player can’t afford it, consider carefully before choosing this method.

Betting By Stats Bets

On the table “Xoc Dia” will definitely appear a statistical betting table. Players can rely on it to know the number of customers participating, odd or even, Over/Under,…

If new players join, do not have much experience, they should be the majority or vice versa, depending on what they want. As long as players apply this way, players will know their own rules of playing “Xoc Dia”.

  • Method of Splitting Bets

On the display screen, there are many bet options, if the player has not identified any hands, he can bet many hands with the same amount. This method will bring about a high chance of winning even though the winnings they receive are not too much.

However, players can not always apply this method, because their capital is limited. Therefore, it is best for players to consider the situation to bet with the most flexibility.

  • Keep Calm And Stop At The Right Time

No matter how many methods players learn and successfully apply, players must remain calm in all cases. Keeping the mentality will help players achieve higher efficiency. Because “Xoc Dia” is a game with extremely high appeal, many players can’t help but participate unlimitedly, the results fail miserably.

In addition, players should understand that winning or losing in online betting is very normal. Players should not be too excited to bet continuously or want to earn back their losses without stopping. Stop and see what you need and what you should do to get better results. If personal emotions are not controlled, the player will lose the entire bet.


The last article shared how to participate in “Xoc Dia” as effectively as possible by online casino Singapore Gogbetsg. If the player wants to increase the number of wins, get a lot of bonuses, players do not forget to refer to the information above. Wish players can win!