What Is 1×2 Betting? Examples of 1×2 Betting

The 1×2 Betting is also a favorite bet on the market today. Although compared to the Asian Handicap, it is not as popular, but it still has its own appeal and is loved by many people. The appearance of the Odds 1×2 makes players have more choices.

If you intend to take part in 1×2 betting, you can visit the GogbetSG to learn about the 1×2, the sports that offer 1×2 betting.

1x2 Betting

What Is 1×2 Betting?

When betting on Odds 1×2 at football betting, players will have three choices that need to be made: win, draw, lose.

  • 1 = Team 1
  • X = Draw
  • 2 = Team 2

At Gogbetsg offers two variations of the Odds 1×2:

  • Full-Time 1×2 Betting: This applies to all 90-minute matches and includes overtime. However, it does not apply to penalty shootouts and overtime matches.
  • 1×2 Betting are in the 1st half: Betting times include 45 minutes and overtime. With this bet variation you have a 33,333% chance of winning. If a player places two doors then the chance of winning will be 66.666%.

Examples of 1×2 Betting

For Example: Everton vs Manchester City have 1×2 Betting as follows:

  • Everton: 9.80
  • Manchester City : 1.31
  • Draw: 5.50

Calculation Of Bets In Odds 1 × 2

If you put $ 50 on this market, there will be the following happenings:

  • If Everton player wins, the stakes are calculated as follows: $ 50 x 9.80 = $ 490
  • If Everton player ties Belgium, the stakes are calculated as follows: $ 50 x 1.31 = $ 65.5
  • If a Player Loses, the stakes are calculated as follows: $ 50 x 5.50 = $ 275

How To Play 1×2 Betting?

  • 1×2 Betting are in the 1st half:

Usually in the first half two teams would play against each other using an exploratory strategy, mostly defensive instead of attacking. So the match result is not much different between the two teams. The weaker team can still keep morale and defend the match.

  • 1×2 Betting  full time:

In the event that the two teams have a big difference, it is best for the player to bet a Draw. The most stressful time of a match is in the last minute. Every team will be highly concentrated to play, especially the underdogs. And the underdogs tend to lose focus, leading to a loss.

In addition, players often find out about the team they like instead of learning about the opponent. If more than one person is betting on a team, that team’s odds decrease. This means that the player bonus will not be high. So the 1×2 Betting helps players to have a better judgment, look more closely and do not follow the majority.

Tips For Playing 1×2 Betting At Bookies

You can refer to some Odds 1×2 tips to ensure the most effective betting process:

  • Players must learn carefully about the two teams, how they play, and how each team is performing.
  • Each team will have a different style and strategy. When betting the player should also be aware of all the issues. If you find the actual strength is too much, you should not bet on a draw, and vice versa.
  • Type analysis: friendly, group stage, knockout, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. Players must know the form of each round, so that they can have a specific betting strategy and make the best decisions.
  • Don’t forget to keep a close eye on the game’s history.


1×2 Betting are indispensable in the types of bet that players need to have if they want to bet on sports. The appearance of the 1×2 Betting contributed to making the game more attractive and exciting. Gogbetsg offers odds that are not just 1×2 Betting on the scale. If players like, trust Gogbetsg.com can register to play betting today !.