Only a few days left until the biggest football tournament on the planet – Euro will be taking place. According to the custom, Euro is held every 4 years and in 2020 is the 16th time Euro is held. However, due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, this event had to be postponed. On June 12, 2021, the Euro 2020 Finals will officially take place.

Surely a lot of football fans are waiting for this event. So are you one of those people? Have you chosen any online casino to accompany you during the season? Which online casino is really quality, attractive odds for you? Come to Gogbetsg – the largest and most famous online casino in Singapore, specializing in providing sport betting products.

Not only owning a diverse number of bets, Gogbetsg is a safe betting place, good customer service, and fast transaction payment. Especially when there are many promotions for players. Gogbetsg wishes to bring players the best betting environment, convenience and many opportunities. One of the unlikely opportunities to appear a second time is the offer for the upcoming Euro tournament. So what makes this promotion attractive? Let’s go to Gogbetsg to find out the information below.


  • Prize for the player who guesses the winner: $2,888
  • Reward for players who successfully guess the last team: $5,888
  • Offer for players who correctly guess the final score of 2 teams: $8,888


To participate in Euro promotions at Gogbetsg, players need to meet the following conditions:

  • Minimum cumulative deposit is $500/week.
  • Each week 1 ticket / 1 customer.
  • Tickets will be distributed every Monday.
  • Promotion period is from 12/6/2021 to 11/7/2021.
  • Each award has only one winner.
  • Each member is identified by 1 account, 1 IP address, 1 bank account.
  • Gogbetsg reserves the right to change, cancel or keep Lucky Draw without prior notice.
  • If any member is found to have fraudulent or dishonest intentions in the process of betting and participating in the program. Gogbetsg will cancel the betting account and withdraw the money in that account.


  • Players must deposit money into “Sport Wallet” every day.
  • Bonus first deposit up to 30%, turnover 5 times.
  • Unlimited deposit amount, value up to 20%, revenue 5x.
  • Note that only Euro matches count towards revenue.


Players receive daily cashback up to 10% for Sportsbook. (Minimum $500 deposit condition.)

Gogbetsg deserves the trust and love of many players. The Euro tournament is coming, people just need to register an account and place bets. Registration procedures, payment processes or promotions, Gogbetsg will accompany and support the best.