How To Play Omaha Poker At Online Casino

Omaha Poker is another variation of the card game of Poker. It can be said that apart from Texas Hold’em or Pai Gow Poker, Omaha Poker is the most popular variant today, receiving a lot of support from players. Omaha Poker is a highly intellectual game, players must be calm, think logically and come up with new strategies during the game. Let Gogbetsg learn more about how to play Omaha Poker through this article!

What Is Omaha Poker? 

Omaha Poker also known as Omaha Hold’em, the game has many similarities with the Texas Hold’em version. However, there are a few differences players should pay attention to.

At the beginning of the Omaha Poker game the player will be dealt 4 face cards by the Dealer. Whereas if in the Texas variant the player is divided into 2 cards and only 2 cards are used to combine the cards to win. The reason why Omaha Poker has characteristics similar to Texas is that when playing, the player will have to go through the Flop betting rounds; Turn and River

Variations Of Omaha Poker 

Omaha Poker is usually played by players on a limited pot, and also has a pot limit. There are 2 popular variations that are commonly chosen by many players at Gogbetsg:

  • Omaha Hi / Lo also known as Omaha 8; Omaha 8-or-better
  • Omaha high.

There are also a few other variations that are not as popular as 5 cards Omaha, 5 Cards Omaha Hi / Lo), Courchevel; Courchevel Hi / Lo.

All players aim to create the highest link cards in order to win money if playing Omaha high and Omaha 8-or better. If the player who owns the highest and lowest links wins the Raise money. In the case of the player with the lowest link card they need 5 different cards with an 8 or lower card.

How To  Play Omaha Poker

Before the name, on the left hand side of the Dealer, two players will bet Blinds according to Gogbetsg’s rules. The person to the left next to Dealer will place the small blinds, the right of the big blinds.

  • Divide cards: Each player will in turn be divided into 4 cards separately.
  • Pre-Flop Round 1: The player to the left of the Big Blinds will be the first to offer an optional result such as Fold; Call or Raise. Next clockwise the next player makes a choice. The betting round ends when all players at the table have made a decision, the stakes of all players that have not Folded are equal.
  • Round 2 – Flop: The first 3 cards in turn will be shown in the middle of the table for everyone to know, followed by a new round from the first player to the left of the Dealer. This player can choose to check or Bet, and the next players will continue doing the same activities as in the previous round.
  • Round 3 – Turn: Next to the 4th joint card will be revealed, and based on the old rules the players will play a new round.
  • Round4 – River: Similar to Round 3, the 5th card is turned over and the remaining players enter the final round according to the old rules.
  • Showdown: After 4 betting rounds have taken place, if there are two or more players on the board, the card will be played face-up to determine who is the winner. The player with the strongest combination cards will be the winner. In case two players have the same strong cards, the Pot will be divided equally among the winners.


Players should remember that position on the poker table is also a factor that helps players gain more advantages and be able to control the game better. So if you want to win when participating in Omaha Poker, not only know the rules of the game, players also learn about other factors such as position, tactics or the opponent’s psychology.

Conclusion believes that any player who has ever participated in Poker has a fondness for it, it is difficult to refuse this game. Currently, Gogbetsg has strengthened and updated with many new utilities for Poker in general and Omaha Poker in particular. Gogbetsg hopes players will have an unforgettable experience when they come here to participate in betting.