The Guides To Play Online Basketball Betting For Beginners

basketball betting

Basketball is one of the most attractive sports. Therefore, the demand for basketball betting is also constantly increasing. To meet the needs of players, reputable bookmakers now offer a wide variety of betting options outside of football such as basketball betting; volleyball; tennis; horse racing,etc. In this article, Gogbet Singapore introduces you to how to play online basketball betting at bookmakers today!

How To Play Online Basketball Betting?

Basketball also has many similarities with football because of its properties. Therefore, the information about the odd table, the team, the influencing factors also have similar points with football betting.

Normally, reputable bookies offer the following types of handicap betting:

Bet on the sets

A basketball match will have 4 sets of matches, each set will have 10 minutes and are arranged in the correct order of the match time:

– You have to predict which team will score the most points. The result of the match will determine your victory when placing your bet. Whether you win or lose, you can only get a refund once 4 rounds have been completed.

– During the match, if something goes wrong or is canceled midway then bets will not be graded. In the event that the round in which you bet the score is a tie, you will be refunded and no win or loss counts.

Bet on the team will score first

– This is the type of bet where players will bet on the team to score first: Bet on the number of pitches, passes, tackles, interception, score 3 points and the player’s total score.

– In order to play this odd you must know the names of the players on the team. This will give you more advantages when placing your bets. Furthermore, if you can predict the team before starting, you will have more chances to make the most accurate decision.

– You should record the matches first to see the outstanding players of the two teams.

– In case the player chooses not to play that match, you will be refunded by the bookie.

Bet on the team will score last

In addition to first scoring bets, there is also a form of betting on which team to score last. Players will receive bonuses upon the outcome of the match.

Even / Odd

This odd is similar to betting on online football betting, players will predict a total of 40 minutes, the result of basketball online is even or odd.


In each match there will be different handicap odds. Handicap in basketball will have to be staked before the game starts. Of course, the basketball score in the last half will determine the team’s win or loss, so please analyze each team’s situation carefully before placing your bet.

Over / under

The bookmakers will give a specific number, the player will predict whether the total score of the 2 teams after the last round will be higher, lower or equal to the number given by the dealer. This handicap is similar to the football match.

Fun fact

It includes types of basketball odds similar to football odds.

1st /2nd Half-time betting

Although in basketball there are 4 sets, but the dealer only offers 2 sets, this means that the first half = set 1 + 2, similar to half 2 = set 3 + 4.

Note: Players are only allowed to win when the match is played throughout and there is no pause or cancellation of the result.

Live betting

Like football handicap betting, you have 3 options: Live ball handicap, live over/under and live even/odd. You have to be based on the basketball live score to determine the winner or loser of the odd.

Some Notes When Participating In Online Basketball Betting

If the two teams draw in the main period, there will be extra time. Scoring method after extra time ends: taking the result of two main periods plus extra time will result in the whole game.

If you have chosen to place a bet on each round or every round then it will not be counted towards the result as the whole match. To make it easier to understand, that is, when betting in the 2nd half or 4th round, overtime will not be counted.

Average time each team performs an attack and pitch is 24 seconds. If time ends without the ball being thrown into the basket, the game is suspended or the ball is passed to the opponent’s side. This feature is essential for those who are involved in handicaps and over bets.

In basketball, the playing time is controlled very carefully by the referee. A match may be discontinued if either team stops the ball and throws a free throw. Team members have the right to exchange information while the game is in progress.


Above are the basic online basketball betting information that a beginner player can most easily know. Gogbetsg hopes this will be a sport that brings you a lot of luck and joy! Good Luck! 

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