What Is A Online Casino Reload Bonus?

For gamblers, losing is never what they want. However, at an online casino, players who lose their bets can receive a refund from the system. This can also be seen as an additional bonus for players when participating in bets.

Some longtime, experienced players know about this reload bonus. They have taken advantage of the online casino deposit bonus for more opportunities to bet even more. The following article will introduce players to how to discover reload bonuses at online casinos and how it works. In addition, players should also find out which online casinos can offer reload bonuses.

Introduction About Reload Bonus?

When a player participates in betting at an online casino, the player can either get compensation from the website or get a second deposit from the system. In addition, the bonus levels can be according to the rules of each match, changing from 25% to 100%, which is the reload bonus.

Many players look to online casinos that offer reload bonuses to join. However, almost every online betting system has this form. Players can receive reload bonuses periodically, or when players deposit money into the system. Players have a lot of opportunities to get new bonus offers. On websites, this bonus amount is considered valid, even if it is considered necessary for the organization to operate at the online betting system.

How Does Reload Bonus Work?

As for the reload bonuses, which are known by the players as straight bonuses. When players deposit the amount into the betting system periodically each month, the online casino will record that amount from time to time. Besides, each type of bonus must be tied to a unique payment method, not changing the currency that was registered in the first place.

Players must understand the rules of reload bonuses and payment options before choosing a payment method. That method must also be relevant to the player, convenient in terms of the current way to get the full experience. There is rarely a monetary maximum on a reload bonus, but there is almost always a minimum and time restrictions may apply.

Minimum Deposits At Online Casinos 

If the player wants to receive the reload bonus, the player must reach the minimum deposit required by the system. Each online casino will have a different minimum deposit. Especially players when participating in betting need to consider the time limit, the amount of money they deposit into the account.

Some online casinos will pay players a fixed amount, while some other online casinos only pay a percentage of the player’s deposit. For example: Players should look at the online casino they are participating in, see weekly bonuses with minimum deposit or fixed bonus amount. If the deposit to the system is 50$, the reload bonus is fixed at 5$. Thus, the weekly deposit of $50 will be more beneficial than the player’s non-fixed deposit every month.

Online Casino Offers Reload Bonus


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  • Note that players should always read the system’s bonus terms and conditions. Because each different online casino will have different regulations, players should not be subjective, learning and monitoring will help players improve the betting situation a lot.


Reloading bonuses at online casinos must be done according to different rules for each system. These are clearly stated in the online casino’s betting terms and conditions. What is even more remarkable is that the reload bonus criteria can be changed, ie higher or lower than the initial specified level. Players should definitely understand the terms as there can be significant variation between the welcome bonus and the reload bonus.