What Is Dealer ? What The Dealer Roles At Online Casino

Dealer is a concept used in online betting. Any player who has ever joined the casino must have heard of this concept. However, not all players understand what a Dealer is.

Many players are quite confused about the definition of Dealer when betting online. So in today’s article Gogbetsg.com will help players learn about the Dealer in the field of betting and the role of the Dealer.

What Do Dealers In Betting Mean?

Dealer is understood as an employee of bookmakers or online casinos.

  • Dealer at online casino

When players bet at real-life casinos or bookmakers, there is always a pretty girl, or a middle-aged man, on the table. They are professional people who understand the rules of the game. That’s the Dealer.

Dealer’s job is to run the game on the betting table. They do many things in the game such as dealing cards, spinning Roulette … depending on the game they run.

  • Dealers in online football betting are known to “freeze bets” on ongoing matches.

When a player has placed a bet, there is a period of time to confirm whether the bet is accepted or not. This depends on how the match on the football field has a dangerous situation, or a counterattack with a high rate of goal or corner, … is in favor of the bettor.

When “freezes” Dealer will sit and watch the match live and then judge the situation on the field. Dealers hold the player off for a period of time until the match returns to balance or no special situation occurs.

Note this is not cheating on players. Because if the Dealer does not “freeze the bet” it is easy for a player to bet and accurately predict the situation in a very short time, and the bookmakers will lose their advantage.

Dealers also act as betting experts tasked with analyzing the odds, the odds of winning and the risk of the match. Dealers are the ones who help Bookmakers get the highest possible odds of guessing the outcome.

The Role Of Dealer At Bookmakers

Nowadays, more and more online casino in Singapore models appear, there are many bookmakers in the betting market and Gogbetsg is a prime example of prestige and quality. The number of members participating in betting at Gogbetsg is also increasing.

One question asked from the players: How does the Dealer work? With the development of science and technology, dealers can easily run the game and give players a sense of authenticity as if they were participating in a traditional casino.

At bookmakers Dealers stand in front of the camera, live live and interact with players via the betting screen. They deal cards to players through the observation screen, even interact, interact with players with many gestures that create a sense of closeness when betting.

Depending on the bookmakers, the Dealers have their own room or not. Not only helps the game go smoothly, but operating the Dealer game brings a more authentic feeling when players participate in betting.

To become a game operator, Dealers must be trained professionally. This profession is currently very hot in Asia, many bookmakers pay very high salaries. Not only having good professionalism but also having good looks, hot girls who attract many members to bet are the most suitable Dealers.

Dealers at some large bookmakers also have their own rooms, sexy dress, bikini to deal with. Players are very fond of choosing to participate in those betting rooms very much.


At professional bookmakers around the world, Dealer is a job that requires employees to have a high degree of acumen, interoperability, and high adaptability to handle situations before the needs of the player. Not only is the dealer or “freeze” a match, Dealer also has to optimize the profits for bookmakers through daily management to receive% commission and a high salary.

Gogbetsg hopes players understand the concept of the Dealer and know their job and role. Their work seems easy but extremely harsh.

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