How To Use Bullets Effectively In Online Shooting Fish

Online fish table is a game that is no stranger to everyone. You can play fish tables online in two forms of online and offline. Whether winning this game is easy or not, it mainly depends on the players’ use of bullets.

How To Calculate The Bullet Points In Shooting Fish Online?

Each betting game has a different way of calculating points to stimulate gamer, so is the online fish tables. Shooting fish game will have its own scoring rules. It means that each bullet fired to make the fish die will gain a corresponding number of bullets. It is calculated as follow:

– Normal fish gives 2 to 10 bullet points, big fish is 20 points, and the shark is 30 points.

– Pink mermaid will have from 2 to 10 points, the blue mermaid is 10 to 20 points, and the red mermaid is 10 to 30 points. Particularly, the large mermaid will give from 50 to 150 bullet points.

– The most dangerous Arowana brings 200 points. In some games, it can be up to 300 points.

Some Useful Ways Of Use Bullets In Online Shooting Fish

Using bullets to shoot fish for reward is a way that many online casinos apply to attract players. Each different playing style has its bullets reserved for that game. Here are some ways of using bullets to play shooting fish online that are most interested in today.

#1. Bullets used to shoot odd fish.

The 2-cent bullet is used to shoot an individual fish. You can shoot continuously until the fish dies. If you have shot from 3 to 5 bullets but the fish do not die, you should skip avoiding losing more money.

#2. Bullets used to a school of fish.

If there is a school of 4 to 5 fish, you should shoot in the middle to earn 5 cents for each. The commonly used bullet is a 4-cent bullet.

#3. When should you use a 7-cent bullet?

If your capital is a few thousand coins, you should invest in expensive bullets (7 cents). We will conquer the ocean. Each dead fish will bring you from 100 to 200 coins and many attractive gifts.

Tips To Shot A Lot Of Fish In Online Shooting Fish Game

#1. Shoot fish slowly and quickly.

When the fish are near the gun barrel, the slow shooting method should be applied because it will take fewer bullets and you’ll get a penny of dead fish. Rapid shooting method is usually used for large fish, sharks or mermaids. If the table is crowded, you are recommended to use this method.

#2. Shoot the fish when the game is starting.

When the fish just came out of the table, you should immediately shot bullets, the fish will be easier to die.

#3. Using the ballpoint shoot

In this way, you can shoot a bullet into the wall. Then, that bullet will bounce back towards the fish. In the time the bullets bouncing back to the fish, you also can shoot some bullets into that fish. This will cost more coins, but more fish will die. Besides that, in case there are stray bullets, other fish will also be killed. 


Using bullets is easier thanks to this article. We believe that if you apply these tips above, you will get more winnings while playing the online fish game. Do not hesitate anymore, let’s play online fish table game right now!