How To Play Triple Card Poker – Guides And Tips

How To Play Triple Card Poker - Guides And Tips

Three Card Poker – Guides And Tips

Triple card poker (or 3 card poker/three poker/Casino brag), is pretty new for Asian players but already very popular to American/European gamblers for a long time. It depends on the rule of 5 cards game but much simplier and that is one of the reasons it attracts the crowd.

GogbetSG will introduce you how to play this thrilling game in this article. We will use A, K, Q, J instead of Ace, King, Queen, Jack. Read this carefully before starting your gambling journey.

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Overall Rules Three Card Poker

The purpose of Triple Card poker is to beat the house with better hand of cards. The house and players will be deal 3 cards, after that, both parties compare, whose hand is bigger, will win. The rule of comparison remains the same to normal pokers.

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Get stared with Online Three Card Poker

Step 1: Players will put an ante, there will be 2 selection of bet: pair plus and 6 card bonus. These 2 are not compulsory, depends on one’s campaign.
Step 2: The dealer will deal 3 cards for the player (open), and 3 for the house (fold).

– If player has 3 big cards and is confident that he can win, he can choose “play” to continue. After that, the house will open their cards and compare with the player’s. Note that the play wager is equal to ante.
– If the player has 3 small cards and feel like losing, he will choose to fold. At this time, the player will lose his ante wager.
– There has to be a Queen-high or better in the house’s hand.
– If the dealer has a hand of Jack-high or better, the play wager is returned to the player.
– If the dealer has a hand of Queen-high or better, the play wager and ante are paid out at 1:1 for the winner side.

Step 3: Card comparison and payoff:

– If the player has a better than he will do put the ante and play wager, winning rate: 1-1.
– If the house has better hand and the player will lose both ante and play wager.
– If both have a draw then the bet of the player will be returned.
– If the player put ante wager and has 3 original cards as a Royal Straight Flush, 3 of a kind, then the player will win that game no matter what.
– If the player chose pair plus then he will immediately win if there is at least one pair (of 2 cards or more). And the winning rate depends on the below table, the better the hand is, the higher rate of payoff. Even if the house wins or you fold.
– If the player choose 6 card bonus, the player will win when his 3 cards combine with the house’s cards into a set of 5 cards, and in that 5 cards, there is at least 1 three of a kind or bigger. The winning rate is counted as the table below, even if the player folds or the house wins.
– If the house and player have the same type of cards then whoever has bigger numbers will win. (for ex, 2 of K will be bigger than 3 of Q).
– If the house and player has the exact same hand then the next card in the deck will be used to pick the winner.
Winning rate of online Three Card Poker


Royal Flush1:5
Three of a Kind1:4

Pair plus

Royal Flush (AKQ)1 : 100
Straight Flush1 : 40
Three of a Kind1 : 30
Straight1 : 5
Flush1 : 4
One pair1 : 1

6 cards bonus

Royal Flush (AKQ)1 : 1.000
Straight Flush1 : 200

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