Tennis Betting – Types of bet Tennis

Tennis Betting - Types of bet tennis
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Tennis is a popular sports game that is relatively easy to play and betable. The tennis tournaments are very attractive, the viewers are crowded and bring a large amount of sponsorship so tennis betting is fair for players. A lot of players are interested in tennis betting. What is tennis betting and what are the basic types. Let’s explore this game with

What Is Tennis Betting?

Tennis betting is the activity where a player bets on odds on matches offered by online bookmakers. Similar to soccer betting, tennis consists of two teams facing off against each other. However, each tennis team has only one or two athletes. This means that there will be two tennis players playing against each other or 4 tennis players of the two teams opposing each other.

Types of bet Tennis

  • Open betting

When participating in open bets, players must carefully understand the match information, the tennis players of the two teams to judge which team will win the final victory. Open bets are the most basic type of tennis bet.

  • Handicap betting

Handicap betting in Tennis is quite simple, the stronger team will be assessed by Gogbetsg with a certain handicap. Bet results will be based on the final result of that match.

  • Over / Under

When wagering Over / Under in tennis a player will judge how many games total played in a match, and whether it is higher or lower than the player’s initial prediction. The Over / Under of tennis is similar to that in football.

  • Odd / Even

For this bet type a player needs to predict whether the total number of games in the match will be an even or odd number.

Some Tips When Betting Tennis

  • Give up halfway

Tennis is a sport that can be played in an individual or team form. In a match there is no substitution so the case of an opponent or a team actively giving up usually occurs. So if betting on tennis players should read through the terms when their opponents give up in the bet.

For wagers to win the match, Gogbetsg will cancel the result if one opponent retires. Some bookmakers will count the losing bet against the person who quit when the match has completed set 1.

For handicap bets, when an opponent gives up; Most bookmakers will cancel handicap bets.

Total game betting is similar to game handicap; Most bookmakers will cancel over / under game bets when an opponent retires midway.

  • Break time

Time between matches and serve time is considered break time. For tennis the break time is very important. The player who knows the game break will be more active with their bet codes.

Each opponent will have a specific time to serve, depending on each tennis player the time to serve will be different. Players should pay attention to their serve when betting on tennis spots.

Time off between games; After the first game of each set, there will be a change of pitch without any break.

The two sides will switch fields after each odd game of the set ends. At the score 6-6 hit immediately the tie -break game without rest or changing pitch. When completing each of the 6 tie-break points, the court will be changed and continued playing; There is no time off. At the end of the set, there will be a 120-second break before going to the next set.


Tennis is the perfect sport for online betting. The duration of a tennis tournament is extended. The tennis betting markets including King855 sometimes change, and fluctuate wildly. Gogbetsg also offers tennis betting for those who love any subject. Moreover, the betting odds are extremely high and the betting forms are varied. Such a prestigious, quality casino cannot be missed. Sign up now to win great prizes in your pocket.

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